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Glorious beaches, verdant rainforests, varied cultures, intriguing archaeological sites, and magnificent architecture are just a few features to explore on our Indonesia tours. Watch the intricate craft of wayang kulit unfold with folk tales from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, or lose yourself in rhythms of the gamelan. Embrace wild Indonesia on tours of Komodo National Park, famous for the “dragons,” or choose to hang with inquisitive orangutans in the jungles of Borneo. Enjoy a sunrise climb up Mount Bromo and soak up the magical sunrise over Java’s impressive landscape of misty volcanoes. Venture to the largest Buddhist sanctuary, Borobudur, one of the best preserved ninth century religious sites on earth, and visit Samosir for an exclusive hideaway on an island within an island in the middle of a volcanic lake in Sumatra. Enjoy real luxury travel in Indonesia with tours of scenic Lombok, where tranquil hideaways are set beside glittering coastlines and enchanting tropical gardens that perfume the air with frangipani. There is no understating the allure of Indonesia and tours of this amazing archipelago will capture what makes us so excited about this Southeast Asian destination.

Indonesia Tours

We paved the way for private luxury travel to Indonesia — and be it relaxation, natural wonder, or cultural diversity that you seek, we’re confident our customized tours of Indonesia will exceed your expectations. Whether it’s the bustling city of Yogyakarta or the lush rainforest habitat of the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan, My Way Travel will provide the best experiences and accommodations for your custom-tailored luxury Indonesia vacation. Choose a theme such as wildlife, traditional arts, or architecture; or perhaps focus on a region like Borneo, Sulawesi, or Nusa Tenggara; no matter how broad or concentrated your interests are, My Way Travel’s access and insider knowledge will make your trip unforgettable.

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Ideas for your trip to Indonesia

We have thoughtfully curated itineraries unveil a tapestry of possibilities, igniting your imagination for the enchanting journeys that await in Indonesia. These routes, meticulously crafted and honed through experience, serve as a compass of inspiration. Yet, view them as mere sparks, for your expedition will be meticulously tailored by our seasoned specialists. Rooted in your distinct tastes and passions, your voyage will be an unrivaled masterpiece, uniquely crafted for you.
Indonesia tours
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17 days from $4.100
Jakarta, Tanjung Puting National Park, Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Mt Bromo, Ubud, Komodo National Park
  • Explore Jakarta’s bubbling blend of ancient and modern
  • Look for orang-utans in the wilds of Kalimantan
  • See spectacular sunrises over Borobudur and Bromo
  • Live the laid-back Ubud lifestyle
  • Search for dragons on Komodo’s shores
14 days from $1.750
Losari, Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, North Coast Bali
  • Follow ancient paths past temple ruins to the top of Mt Ungaran
  • Learn the secrets of coffee production at a mountainside plantation
  • Marvel at sunrise over Borobudur, and Mount Bromo’s volcanic landscape
  • Cycle a rural landscape to Prambanan’s impressive temples
  • Trek to the sulphurous summit of an active volcano
  • Unwind in the unspoilt beauty of north west Bali’s idyllic beaches
13 days from $1.770
Ubud, North Coast Bali, Munduk, South Coast Bali
  • Soak up the alternative atmosphere in Ubud’s colourful markets
  • Watch a panoramic sunrise from Batur’s volcanic peak
  • Snorkel Bali’s most spectacular reefs
  • Trek rice fields and spice plantations
  • Immerse yourself in tranquility at Bali’s largest Buddhist monastery
  • Kick back on the island’s blissful southern beaches
13 days from $4.200
Ubud, Sidemen, SeaTrek Cruise, Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores
  • Explore central Bali's temple-studded countryside
  • Graze Ubud’s culinary scene on a multi-stop dining tour
  • Island hop between Sumbawa, Komodo & Flores aboard a traditional phinisi
  • Encounter Indonesia’s imposing Komodo Dragon
  • Wonder at Indonesia's clear waters and vibrant marine life
13 days from $1.450
South Coast Bali Beach, Ubud, Sidemen, Lombok
  • Lean into the laid back luxury of Jimbaran beach
  • Watch sunset from a clifftop temple as locals dance a traditional kecak
  • Immerse yourself in the colours & scents of Bedugul market
  • Sink your feet into the sand of spectacular beaches
  • Tuck into grilled seafood suppers fresh from the ocean
  • Stroll alongside Mount Batur and stunning rice terraces
15 days from $3.200
Makassar, Ambon, Sawai, Masohi, Sorong, Raja Ampat
  • Learn to cook Sulawesi style
  • Cycle around Ambon’s heritage architecture
  • Spot saltwater crocodiles on the Salawai River
  • Marvel at Gunung Sirimau’s ancient megaliths
  • Eat lunch with an Alifuru community
  • Dive over Raja Ampat’s vibrant reefs
12 days from $3.250
xTambolaka, Lamboya, Praiijing, Ende, Mount Kelimutu, Bajawa, Belaraghi, Mbolata Beach, Ruteng, Labuan Bajo, Komodo National Park
  • See sunrise over the spectacular Kelimutu crater lakes
  • Walk over striking blue shingle at Nanga Panda beach
  • Visit remote villages to learn about Sumba culture
  • Sleep in a homestay under a traditional tall thatched roof
  • Cruise Komodo National Park, seeking dragons
  • Snorkel pristine reefs around the coast of Sabolon island
11 days from $1.370
Yogyakarta, Borobudur, Mount Bromo, Malang, Surabaya, Lombok
  • Graze on traditional Indonesian streetfood
  • Hang out in Yogyakarta’s local haunts
  • Watch a panoramic sunrise over Borobudur
  • Perch on the rim of an active volcano at Mount Bromo
  • Cycle past lava ravines in the shade of Gunung Merapi
  • Drift away from it all on remote Lombok beaches
13 days from $1.970
Java, Sulawesi & Lombok. Including: Yogyakarta, Makassar, Sengkang, Rantepao, Lombok
  • Indulge on traditional Jogja streetfood
  • Marvel at a spectacular Borobudur sunset
  • Promenade with the locals in Makassar
  • Canoe between Sengkang’s karst cliffs
  • Lunch with the locals in a tonkonan tribal village
  • Laze on Lombok’s beautiful beaches
13 days from $1.550
8 days from $1.900
South Bali – Lovina – Kintamani – Mount Batur
  • Wandering the tranquil grounds of Bedugul Botanical Gardens and visiting the "Water Temple"
  • Having an unforgettable experience watching sunrise on a traditional boat surrounded by wild dolphins
  • Snorkeling in one of Bali's most renowned underwater paradises at Menjangan Island
  • Visiting both Bali's highest and its oldest temples en route to Lovina from Kintamani
  • Cruising a volcanic caldera by boat on Lake Batur and visiting a local village inhabited by Bali's oldest ethnic group
  • Climbing to the top of Mount Batur Volcano for breath-taking sunrise vistas and relaxing in natural hot springs
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