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This trip is popular with all ages and experience levels - it's one of our most family-friendly adventures. We combine a range of authentic cultural experiences and enjoyable activities to ensure you enjoy your time in Vietnam. We'll take you to areas and pathways that you wouldn't see in a typical journey. This is a truly custom-made experience! This trip will take you through various ruins and military hotspots, as well as some of the most scenic areas of Vietnam. Fortunately, all of the paths are very easy to ride, which makes it a great choice for families of all ages. You'll even have a chance to cook and eat a meal with an authentic Vietnamese family. While much of Vietnam is now urban sprawl, there are still parts of the country where you can enjoy traditional and countryside living. People are surprisingly friendly - you'll be able to interact with locals throughout the trip. While you could spend years exploring this unique country on your bicycle, the seven days of this trip will still give you plenty of time to explore some of the best areas of Vietnam. It's a great introduction to the Mekong Delta and other areas along the coast. If you want to extend your stay in any of the locations along the journey, we're happy to build a custom trip for you!

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