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Hoi An

It's all about Hoi An

For many tourists, Hoi An is recognized as Vietnam’s jewel. Our tourists rarely pass up on the chance to visit the town’s ancient streets and enjoy the delectable dishes. They may get very affordable tailored suits or just relax and get some R&R on Cau Dai beach.

Hoi An’s town center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, conserving its European, Chinese, and Japanese influenced architecture for generations to come. Motorized vehicles are banned for several days every week on its streets. As darkness comes, all electricity is turned off; the town begins to be illuminated by hundreds of pretty silk lanterns.

Delicious cuisine is a highlight of any trip to Vietnam, and this is most true in Hoi An. Most Vietnamese agree that Hoi An has the best food, and the town doesn’t shy away from this recognition. You can dine on the finest food no matter the budget.

Several of the restaurants in Hoi An’s harbor front provide an ambiance that lets you marvel at the traditional fishing boats on a historic backdrop while dining on fresh dumplings. There are quite a few must-eat dishes such as Caul au, a noodle soup that can only be created using water from a local well.
Hoi An’s markets are hives of bustling activity throughout the week. Its busy streets are worth visiting and revisiting every day.

Hoi An is a truly memorable destination that combines culture, beaches, and relaxation. We love to bike through the maze of streets between Cua Dai beach and the old town. Getting lost is not a problem because a friendly local will eagerly point you in the right direction. If you don’t speak Vietnamese, you can always try sign language!

Hoi An: Highlights

Cau Dai Beach

5kms from Hoi An Ancient Town is Cua Dai beach. This beach is deserted compared to other tropical beaches in the region. You can walk for kilometers either way stumbling upon nothing else other than a small fishing village. There are just a handful of resorts and hotels on the beach ensuring that you get rest and relaxation. Further north towards Da Nang, you will see more modernization.

China Beach and Marble Mountain

As you head towards Da Nang, you will discover China Beach, the famous location where American soldiers went for some beach time during tumultuous times in the country. Nearby is Marble Mountain, home to several Buddha shrines and caves that you can explore, you can also climb to the peak to get an overlooking view of Da Nang. The location of Marble Mountain is also a popular spot for Northern Vietnamese soldiers who fired on American war planes.

My Son

Just a few hours away from Hoi An is the archaeological site of My Son. The site is home to awe-inspiring yet eerie temples in a ruinous and moss covered state. Visitors will get to explore the dozens of red brick sanctuaries and towers that date back between the 7th and 13th centuries.

The Hai Van Pass

The drive between Hue and Hoi An is one of the best in Vietnam and followers of BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ may already with Hai Van Pass (think of three men on motorcycles winding up and down the mountain roads as they head to some of the world’s most picturesque fishing villages). The Hai Van Pass, also known as Ocean Cloud, meanders over the top of Truong Mountain Range, dropping to the picturesque fishing village of Lang Co on hue’s side. The road to Hue then keeps you on the lookout for photogenic moments, undeveloped beaches, and villages. Adventurous travelers can also drive alongside the famous Reunification Railway.

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