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Hanging out in Hanoi

Hanoi takes Vietnam’s best characteristics such as resoluteness and cheerfulness and crystalizes it into a magnificent jumble of phenomena. The city’s splendid French colonial architecture, once symbolized foreign oppression, is now used by the Vietnamese government.

For a taste of Vietnamese tenacity and experience, join hundreds of old ladies who get up early every day to practice Tai Chi around Hoan Kiem Lake. A beautifully chaotic city, Hanoi is one of Asia’s finest cities. Its streets are brimming with life, and the traffic is maddening. Yet despite the chaos, the city’s trees and lively streets provide an impression that is both evocative and harmonious. Ancient temples amidst nature and traffic are quietly nestled between colorful houses and shops.

The city got a major facelift for its 1000th anniversary in October 2010. A record beating 4km long mural was made along with entire street renovations. Almost every neighborhood was renovated and repainted for the event, which was broadcasted all over the world.

Hanoi intertwines energy, romance, and charm into one beautiful city. The city is brimming with life from people from sunrise to sunset. You can get a dose of Pho at night because the stands remain open.

Hanoi has its own dishes. Locals are delighted to show how superior their food is compared to other Vietnamese cities. Join them at their favorite hobby, eating a variety of amazing street food you can find in any corner.

One of the main attractions of Hanoi is Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. The mausoleum houses the embalmed body of ‘Uncle Ho’, the revolutionary who freed Vietnam. Thousands of Vietnamese head to Hanoi to honor him. You can also show your respect – it may seem odd, but it is an exuberant expression of the gratitude and happiness that the Vietnamese feel for the freedom they attained.

Other attractions in Hanoi include the One Pillar Pagoda which is approximately 1,000 years old and the Temple of Literature which commemorates Confucius. The Museum of Ethnology provides you with insights about the country’s culture and heritage through life-size villages. A visit to the museum helps you prepare for your trip to Ha Giang and Sapa, where several of the country’s 54 ethnic groups still reside.

Lose yourself in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Hanoi’s Old Quarter, also referred to as ’36 streets’, has dozens of maze-like lanes that weave into each other. Each street is several years old with families selling art and crafts for generations. You can find everything from kitschy souvenirs to wooden coffins to bags to silk scarves. The Old Quarter mixes modern and old world artisans, motorbikes and cyclos, high technology and wooden tools, and old timers and foreign tourists. During your vacation in Hanoi, you will likely pass through the Old Quarter quite a few times and each time will lead to a new discovery whether it is another stall or coffee shop, the city has plenty of surprises and hidden gems.

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