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Ha Giang

Hanging out in Ha Giang

Situated far north, pushing towards the Chinese border is the mountainous region of Ha Giang, which is also one of the country’s least accessible regions. Until recently, the region was considered out of reach for all except the most adventurous of travelers. Aside from its geographically remote location and lack of infrastructure, Ha Giang’s political proximity to China’s border led authorities to discourage foreign tourists.

However, the entrance to this remote yet beautiful region is slowly opening.

Verdant rice terraces stretch for kilometers along lush valleys and mist-covered hills. Protected from ‘Viet’ and Western influence, the traditional way of life hasn’t changed much. Agriculture is still the main source of income in these parts.

Small villages and settlements surround the mountains. Ha Giang is the home of several of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups, some in very remote areas that their representatives are only seen during important market days. As travel in the area is made easier, we are provided with an opportunity to get a glimpse of their daily life.

The market is at the core of social gatherings, the place to barter, drink, eat, and socialize. Villagers go to the market to trade dogs, produce, chickens, horses, buffaloes, spices, handmade jewelry, home-made liquors, tools, fruits, and hardware.

In Ha Giang, you will get to experience a home stay in some of the rarest minority villages in the country. The area is an excellent location for trekking, walking, and off the beaten path adventures for travelers. The rudimentary amenities and lack of Western cuisine may deter visitors, but more adventurous travelers will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

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