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Guests traveling to Ho Chi Minh City who want to stay in one of the best hotels around can stay at the Caravelle Hotel. It offers all the traditional characteristics of Vietnam.

Central Highlands

The Central Highlands of Vietnam stretch from the colonial hill station in Da Lat northwards to Quang Nam west of Da Nang. It is an interesting region that is less visited by tourists than famous coastal attractions. The fewer visitors make it a charming destination for the intrepid traveler.

What do the Central Highlands offer? Visitors get magnificent, mountainous landscapes rich in flora and agriculture. There are also many hill tribes (also known as montagnards during Colonial times) and a distinct culture compared to more touristy towns and cities where Western influence is prevalent.
Nick from Selective Asia has this to say about the tour:

‘Your trips provide an insight into an authentic Vietnamese experience, one that has several similarities to when I first went to the country in 1992. The people are more reserved without being standoffish. You will dine in local restaurants. And, due to its ideal location, you can learn a lot about Vietnam’s recent wars against both the Americans and French’.


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